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How does the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) effectively deter sharks?

All sharks have highly sensitive electrical receptors called the �Ampullae of Lorenzini� located in their snouts. These tiny gel filled sacs can only sense electrical fields from prey at very close distances, typically less than one meter. The

Do Ocean Guardian Devices (Shark Shield) attract sharks?

No, Ocean Guardian does not attract sharks and there is no scientific research to support this myth. Let's start with the obvious non-scientific answer. IF an electrical deterrent COULD attract sharks, one would assume that every shark fisherman in

What sized board can I fit the FREEDOM+ Surf to, will it fit my longboard or SUP?

The FREEDOM+ Surf system has been designed to fit nearly all surf board sizes, both short and long boards, and is suitable for all levels of surfing performance, with the sticker-thin antenna having zero impact on your board's performance. There are

Can I use the FREEDOM+ Surf on a performance surf board?

Yes, you most certainly can! The FREEDOM+ Surf system has been designed for all levels of surfing and surfers! If you're board is under 6'6" we recommend using the FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD (and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD). If your board is

If I am wearing an Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield), but my buddy/mate is not, is he/she more prone to attack?

Ocean Guardian - Powered by Shark Shield Technology is a personal safety product designed to reduce risk, the same as a seat belt or bike helmet. Anyone not wearing an Ocean Guardian is naturally at more risk than somebody who is wearing a unit. � ��

What types of sharks does the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) deter?

Extensive testing has been done on all the main shark species responsible for the vast majority of human and shark interactions, and all sharks tested have been repelled by the Ocean Guardian. These include Great Whites, Tigers, Zambezi (Bull), Mako

Can we guarantee the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) turns sharks away?

Ocean Guardian Powered by Shark Shield technology is the worlds most scientifically proven and independently tested electrical deterrent, and the evidence from twenty years of research has shown that Ocean Guardian is proven to turn sharks away

Does Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) interfere with a dive computers, fish finders, cameras or GPS?

From the tests conducted to date, and over fifteen years of use in the field, no interference has occurred on vessel equipment such as Fish Finders, GPS or other electronic equipment including camera's and GoPro's. � � �� � �� Testing on dive

What is the depth rating of the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield)?

The maximum depth of use is 50 meters (164 feet).

Can I use the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) in estuarine environments?

Ocean Guardian is designed for use in seawater which has a salinity level of 35ppt, and will produce a limited field in estuarine waters due to the decreased salinity of the water. Please keep in mind the closer you are to a freshwater source, the

What is the warranty period for the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) unit?

The Ocean Guardian has a 12 month manufacturer�s warranty on electronic products, and a 3 month warranty on accessories such as the Tail Pad / Decal Antenna, provided the items are maintained as per the instructions set out in the Product Manual

How can I test that the unit is working properly?

On Land The easier way to test it is to use our Ocean Guardian tester. Simply push a probe into each antenna and look for both LEDs on the test unit to blink and a solid green LED on your actual Ocean Guardian device and you'll know you�re fully

How should I store my unit considering the lithium battery?

What �do we recommend? � Freedom7 Using fresh water rinse your Ocean Guardian, remove �all the salt water and sand from the unit, and dry with a microfiber cloth. �Make sure that you have removed the pouch and the pouch is dry before storing �your

Can I "top up" the battery when it still has some charge left in it, or does it need to be fully drained?

Yes. Topping up the battery pack when partially charged will not damage the battery or lead to memory effect problems. However, any rechargeable battery benefits from being totally discharged every 6 months.

How do I know when the battery is getting low?

A solid green LED shows when the unit is operating normally. If the battery is running low, alternate red and green flashing LEDs will be displayed together with an audible alarm.

How long does the unit's battery last?

The battery with the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 units will last 6-7 hours if fully charged prior to use. The lithium battery is fully rechargeable and comes with a specification of 300-charge and discharge cycles. The battery with the FREEDOM+ Surf unit wil

Will I get an electric shock?

Shark Shield Technology works by emitting an electrical signal between two visible stainless-steel electrodes which are located at the top and bottom of the antenna, depending on the model. If you come in contact with this electrical field, you will

Does the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) repel any other creatures?

Ocean Guardian powered by Shark Shield technology does not affect or repel fish, crocodiles, dolphins, whales or fresh water creatures as these creatures do not have electrical receptors. The Shark Shield Technology electrical field has only been

Do the electrodes need to be immersed in the water for a protective field to be created?

Yes, both electrodes need to be immersed in the water for a protective field to be created, the salt water acts the conductor between the two electrodes. � � In the case of the FREEDOM7 unit, both electrodes are encased in the antenna. For the

On which part of the body is the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) worn?

It depends on which unit you use. �� � �� FREEDOM7�� Is attached to the ankle via a neoprene pouch with velcro attachments. Both electrodes are encased in the 2-meter long antenna. �� � �� SURF7�� The Surf unit is not attached to the body, it is

Can the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) be used by children?

The Ocean Guardian must not be used by children under the age of twelve years. �� � �� It is well documented that children are possibly more sensitive to radiation in some or all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and in particular during

Who can use Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) products ?

Powered by Shark Shield Technology,�Ocean Guardian shark deterrent devices can be used for a wide variety of ocean activities. FREEDOM7�� spearfishing, scuba diving, freediving, kayak fishing, open water swimming*. SCUBA7�� scuba diving

Do I have to leave the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) switched on all the time?

Yes, when in the water you should have your Ocean Guardian turned on all the time. According to the International Shark Attack File of the Ichthyology Department of the Florida Museum of Natural History (see www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/sharks), 52.3% of s

When should I turn on the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield)?

Do not turn the unit on until you enter the water. Turn the unit off when exiting the water.

Does Shark Shield Technology harm sharks?

From the tests conducted to date, results show that Ocean Guardian's Shark Shield Technology does not harm sharks. The majority of testing on shark effect and health was carried out by a team of marine biologists at the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board of

Have Ocean Guardian products been tested as safe for humans?

The field generated by the Ocean Guardian, when used in accordance with the instructions contained in the instruction manual supplied with each unit, poses no known danger to the user, to sharks or to the environment. The field can be detected by

What sort of testing has been done on the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) units?

The electronic wave-form used in the Ocean Guardian has been on the market since 1995, originally marketed the Shark POD by the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board, and has proved its effectiveness in the field time and time again. �� � �� Ocean Guardian

What information do I need to ship Lithium batteries used in Ocean Guardian Products?

When shipping Lithium Metal batteries, the lithium metal content of the cell or battery dictates which part of the relevant Packing Instruction are used to pack the item.      With Lithium Ion batteries, it is the Watt/Hour rating, which dictates

What happened to the 'fin system'?

The fin system was a design concept which has been superseded by the Ocean Guardian adhesive decal antenna (FREEDOM+ Surf) to provide a user installable solution.

Does the FREEDOM+ Surf antenna stick to the board or does it need other screws etc?

The FREEDOM+ Surf antenna uses a 3M adhesive which sticks to the bottom of your board. There is no need to screw anything into your board for the antenna or grip pad which houses the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ removable electronics.

How do I move the FREEDOM+ Surf between boards, what if I have multiple surfboards?

Extend the use of your FREEDOM+ Surf across your quiver by simply installing the FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna or Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD on each of your surfboards. The Tail Pad / Antenna (and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD) is designed

How do you tell if the battery is on and actually working, for instance, after several months of use how will I tell if is still working and that I don't need to replace it?

The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ has LEDs which give an indication of several checks; 1) a self-check on start-up to ensure the electronics and electrodes are functional, 2) whether the decal electrode is in water or not, and 3) the battery level. You wil

Does the FREEDOM+ Surf require maintenance?

The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ electronics should be rinsed in fresh water after use and stored out of the sun. If being stored for any length of time you should always charge the batteries to 50% (5 flashes). Please be sure to protect the decal antenna

How do you know that the new FREEDOM+ Surf is as effective as the existing proven Ocean Guardian products?

Ocean Guardian has been building electrical deterrents for nearly twenty years, which means we have a lot of technical knowledge and historical testing data to leverage product design from. Ocean Guardian conducted testing on prototypes of the

Can I move my antenna to another board?

No. The decal antenna has the same design philosophy as a tail pad. As such it is not designed to be removable as the removable process will damage it, the same as your unable to remove a tail pad without damaging it. For example in the event that

What happens if I damage my decal antenna?

The decal antenna has been designed to withstand the elements with the electrodes made of marine grade stainless steel, and the connection between these of a robust flexible coated cable. Scratches on the electrodes, normal discolouring of the

If the battery only lasts for 4-5 hours, how would you know when it's turned on and when it runs out of battery?

The Ocean Guardian has LED indicators as well as an audible sound to let you know when you have only 20 mins left of battery life, this is the case for all Ocean Guardian products. If you are surfing more than 3 hours, then you could have two FREEDOM

Which product is best for kayaking?

The best product for kayaking is called the FREEDOM7.� � Most people place the trailing antenna through the scupper hole during fishing or have it hanging over the side with the Velcro pouch attached to the chair. You need to ensure both electrodes

Does the carbon fiber in my surfboard effect the FREEDOM+ Surf?

The carbon fiber in the board and/or on the rails will have no impact on the performance of the new FREEDOM+ Surf electrical field as the carbon is not exposed the surface, thus not presenting any conductive element to interfere with the e-field

Can I install a FREEDOM+ Surf on a board with channels?

The FREEDOM+ Surf decal antenna is designed to be installed on a flat surface, channels on the underside a surfboard would not provide a flat surface resulting in the electrodes not being applied correctly.� The electrodes are made from a 0.5 mm

What is the physical size / dimension of the FREEDOM+ Surf tail pad antenna's?

The Antenna part of both the FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna and the SHORTBOARD version are both made of flexible connecting cables and electrodes made of non-flexible 316L marine grade stainless steel. The overall height of the decal antenna, or

What is the output voltage / current / frequency of the electrical field of the Shark Shield?

The effectiveness of an electrical shark deterrent is dependent on the electrical field generated. The �electrical field generated is dependent on a number of factors, these include the electrical power output, the size of the electrodes, the

Does Ocean Guardian effect carbon fibre diving fins?

Carbon fibre in most formats is conductive, so it is possible that the Ocean Guardian electrical field could be conducted through the fin, although unlikely. If the electrodes physically make contact with the fin, this may be more likely to conduct

Does Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) offer sponsorship or testing assistance?

As the world�s only scientifically tested and independently proven electronic shark deterrent, we receive a large number of requests for sponsorship annually, along with organisations / individuals offering to further test our products effectiveness

How does Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) compare to magnet shark repellents?

Independent testing of magnetic deterrents on white sharks published�here�showed no effect.� There is no independent scientific research proving that a magnet will work as effective shark deterrents, no magnetic repellent products have been tested

Can I replace the battery or repair in my Ocean Guardian device?

Customers can not repair or change the lithium battery in any of the Ocean Guardian devices because all products are designed for underwater operation at depth. All devices are waterproof sealed units, for example the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 have been se

Can I use the new FREEDOM+ Surf on a soft board?

The FREEDOM+ Surf uses a sticker thin adhesive decal antenna which has been designed for fiber glass resin based surfboards. Many of the soft boards do not have the same smooth hard rail surface and bottom which the adhesive has been designed to

My FREEDOM+ does not appear to charge when placed on the charging dock?

The FREEDOM+ Charging Dock has been found to not automatically charge the removable power module if it is already at >80% charge. This is easily resolved.� Leave the removable power module on the Charging Dock, unplug and the plug back in the

Do I have to install the tail pad with my decal antenna?

The decal antenna has been designed to fit multiple board sizes, and the way we have achieved this flexibility is by allowing a large cable distance between the bottom electrode and the tail pad deck housing, the "L" shaped section in the image below

Can I use an Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) for water skiing or wake boarding?

Ocean guardian products have been designed primarily for diving, kayaking or surfing sports.� In both waterskiing and wakeboarding the board moves at high speed and as such the FREEDOM7 or older SURF7 trailing antenna would be ineffective as the

What is the best solution for a kite boarding or kite surfing?

We do not have an ideal solution today for kite-surfing. What we have seen some kite surfers do is carry a FREEDOM7 in a small back pack which they can deploy in the event that get stuck out at sea. We do not have a device that can effectively be

Can I use an Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) on a body board or boogie board?

The existing product range has not been designed for this sport, both the FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7 are primarily designed for diving, with the FREEDOM7 used also for kayaking and swimming. We have heard of people using the FREEDOM7 for body boarding

My FREEDOM+ Surf electrodes have brown stains on them?

The FREEDOM+ Surf electrodes are made from the highest marine grade stainless steel known as 316L, there is no other known material more resistance to salt water and electrolysis than 316L.� The brown staining or "tea staining" is a result of

Which Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) should I use for fishing?

Divers, Spear fishers, Kayakers and Surfers have long appreciated the protection Shark Shield Technology with the Western Australian government offering rebates to surfers and dives who purchase Ocean Guardian products. In reviewing the independent

What is the difference between the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7?

The FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 are both powered by Shark Shield Technology and produce the same protective electrical field in both strength and size. The main difference between the FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7 are the fitting options and how you wear them. There are

Why can't I use the FREEDOM+ Surf on a soft board?

Soft boards are made with a plastic material that leaches oil which prevents the 3M adhesive from working. Shark Shield does not support the use of the FREEDOM+ Surf on soft boards for this reason, the 3M will not adhere to it.

The braid on my FREEDOM7 is damaged, what can I do?

If you have damaged the braid on your FREEDOM7 or SURF7 antenna, for example the strands have been torn, frayed or broken, it will not effect the performance of the product.� You can simply tape over the braid to stop further damage however be

How can I prevent getting a shock when I duck dive during spearfishing?

Sometimes, it can be a simple as changing the leg in which you wear the Ocean Guardian. If you wear it on the leg that you kick straight up outside of the water first, it gives time to basically drop near your head. By switching it to the other leg

How do I clean the power module pins and connector after water exposure?

The FREEDOM+ removable power module has been designed to automatically switch off when water gets into the connector, the water will not cause the product to fail or short out. Water may get in if it�s not seated correctly or screwed down, or

FREEDOM7 "C" Version

The FREEDOM7 "C" version (GU1000C) is our latest with several great new features.� We have added a new LED start up that shows battery life remaining and a new charging sequence, the details of these are below with the two tables showing the

Epoxy Surfboards Decal Antenna

We are aware of some epoxy boards having issues with the 3M adhesive on the decal antenna coming off after only a few surfs. The issue relates to boards that may have a coating on them, for example the Global Surf Industries (GSI) S7 Slipstream model

Can I take my Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) on a plane (air travel)?

Yes! As our devices contain lithium batteries, it is preferable that they are taken as carry-on luggage when possible. If they need to be carried in checked-in luggage, they should be turned completely off, protected from accidental activation, and

FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7 won't charge, what charger version do I need?

In 2017 we introduced the new "C" versions of the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 which use a new 12V DC charger. You can tell if your unit is a "C" version with the part number being either a GU1000C or DU1000C. The original devices, both "A" and "B" versions u

What is the difference between the FREEDOM+ Surf, FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD, Tail Pad / Antenna and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD?

Ocean Guardian now have two Tail Pad / Antenna's available for you to choose from depending on the size of your surfboard. When used on shorter boards (boards <6�6�) and boards with less volume, the electrical field produced by the FREEDOM+ Surf can

What is an eSPEAR?

The new Ocean Guardian eSPEAR is the world's first hand held electrical shark deterrent.� The eSPEAR has been designed specifically for spear-fishermen who are very aware of their surroundings and often are required to deter sharks from taking their

What is the safest way to open my eSPEAR to charge?

High care must always be taken when opening the eSPEAR to charge because the activation mechanism uses powerful stainless steel springs.� You should never operate the eSPEAR out of the water without placing your hand over the front of the device to

What can I do when I feel the electrical field on my hand when holding the eSPEAR?

Everyone's sensitivity to electrical fields is different, what some people feel others do not. If you are feeling the electrical field on your hand when holding an active eSPEAR we recommend using a rubber dive glove.

How do I turn off my eSPEAR, why is there no on/off switch?

We have designed the eSPEAR with no manual on/off switch so as soon as it is activated it is on, you do not need to remember to turn it on in an emergency. The device turns on when the second stage folds up, this activates a reed switch located in th

How do I remove the sticker antenna from my surfboard?

In most cases you can simply peel the antenna sticker off your board in the same way you would peel off a tail pad, the sticker antenna uses the same 3M adhesive.� You can start by lifting up the edge of the top antenna and slowly peel down the board

Can an Ocean Guardian device cause electrolysis on my vessel?

Electrolytic Corrosion (commonly referred to as stray current corrosion) : Corrosion that results from an electrical source causing a metal in contact with an electrolyte (water) to become anodic with respect to some other metal in the same

How do I keep two BOAT01 or BOAT02 buoys apart drifting off the stern?

If you are using two BOAT01's off the stern of your vessel, one tied to each side trailing behind, you can find that the buoys may drift towards each other, pulled in by the current or wind.� One option to keep the two BOAT01's buoys apart to

Can I re-glue down the female connector on the tail pad antenna?

The power module male pins fit tightly into the female connector on the tail pad and sometimes�we have seen when pulling the power module out it can cause the female connector to lift off the 3M double sided adhesive as shown below.� The main reason

Reunion Island Customers

At Ocean Guardian we're stoked to have so many wonderful customers in Reunion Island and the best place for Reunion Island customers to purchase Ocean Guardian products is from the local retailer, Karv Surfboards.� Alternatively, if ordering at

My eSPEAR electrodes have brown stains on them

The eSPEAR electrodes are made from the highest marine grade stainless steel known as 316L, there is no other known material more resistance to salt water and electrolysis than 316L.� The brown staining or "tea staining" is a result of electrolysis

What is the difference between the FREEDOM+ Surf with the diamond antennas and the newer version with oblong shaped antennas?

There is no difference in the electrical field output or shark deterrent performance between the two antenna designs. The Tail Pad Antenna change in shape and colour is aesthetic only. � Both antenna electrodes have exactly the same surface area and

Which device can I use with a hooka or airline for diving?

Many divers use an airline or hooka, particularly for commercial operations where it maybe more difficult to wear one of our personal shark deterrents, there is another an option to consider in this use case. � The pictures here show how one of our

Using the FREEDOM+ Surf on a Surf Ski and Ocean Ski

The FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed for fiberglass surfboards. With a bit of ingenuity it can also be fitted to a SUP (see here for more details on that), and now we have an example of a customer fitting one successfully to a Surf Ski.� We do not

BOAT01, BOAT02 & FISH01 and FISH02 Charging Cable and AC / DC Converter

For ease of use the BOAT01 & FISH01 power modules ship standard with a charging cable with a cigarette lighter plug attached. The power module can be charged using either 12V DC or 24V DC.  If you would like to remove the cigarette lighter plug and

BOAT01 & FISH01 Antenna Versions

This FAQ only applies to units shipped in August 2019, this does not effect these devices deterrent performance. �� In the first shipments of the BOAT01 and FISH01 both the 2.2M and 4.4M antenna's had a different pin configuration to later shipments

Who should use the Ocean Guardian FISH01 / FISH02?

The Ocean Guardian FISH01 is for fishermen in the recreational, charter and commercial fishing sectors. It has been designed primarily for rod and reel fishing; however, with some experimenting around the deployment, it could potentially be used in

How does the FISH01 / FISH02 work?

The FISH01 uses Shark Shield Technology, the world�s most scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology. Nothing is more effective.� Sharks have short-range electrical receptors in their snouts called the

What is the range of the FISH01 / FISH02?

The FISH01 / FISH02 creates a sphere-shaped protective electrical field gradating in strength from the antenna. The electrical field is approximately 15 metres (49' long (or deep) by 6 metres (19'8") in diameter.

Will the FISH01 scare away the fish I'm trying to catch?

No! Fish don't have the electrical receptors that Shark Shield Technology targets in sharks so it has negligible effect on them.

Does Shark Shield Technology attract sharks?

No. Shark Shield Technology emits a three-dimensional electrical field that quickly peters out in the water, so sharks cannot sense it from far away. The sensory range of a sharks electrical perception is less than half a metre. This means they need

Does the FISH01 and FISH02 require batteries or charging?

Yes. The FISH01 and FISH02 power modules are powered by a rechargeable 10-12-hour lithium battery. It can also be powered by a vessels 12V/24V for continuous operation.

Will the FISH01 & FISH02 deter all shark species?

Extensive testing has been done on all the main shark species responsible for the vast majority of human and shark interactions, and all sharks tested have been deterred by the Ocean Guardian. These include Great Whites, Tigers, Zambezi (Bull), Mako

Has the FISH01 (FISH02) been tested?

Yes. Preliminary testing of the FISH01 has been conducted by the Government of Western Australian. It found that shark depredation was reduced by 65%.� The FISH01 uses Shark Shield Technology which has been scientifically proven and independently

Is the FISH01 / FISH02 guaranteed to work?

While extensive testing has been performed, and great care taken to develop the Ocean Guardian range of products, it is impossible to guarantee that all sharks will be deterred under all circumstances. Effectiveness will also depend on where the

Can I use the FISH01 / FISH02 for spearfishing?

Yes. The FISH01 or FISH02 could be used in the water column where you are spearfishing.

Can I use the FISH01 / FISH02 to deter other marine life such as seals or large groupers?

The only other marine life that can be deterred by the electrical field are rays because they also have electrical receptors like sharks.� Shark Shield Technology works by emitting an electrical signal between three visible stainless-steel electrodes

Will the FISH01 or FISH02 interfere with my boat equipment or other electronic gear?

From the tests conducted to date, and over twenty years of use in the field, no interference has occurred on vessel equipment such as Fish Finders, GPS or other electronic equipment including camera's and GoPro's.

How do I use and deploy the FISH01 / FISH02?

The Ocean Guardian FISH01 is for fishermen in the recreational, charter and commercial fishing sectors. It has been designed primarily for rod and reel fishing; however, with some experimenting around the deployment, it could potentially be used in

Kicker Hex Key Screw Hole

We have seen cases where the hex keyhole in the kicker tail pad that holds the transferable power module is not deep enough, the failure is the hex key is turning but the screw is not. This can be related to either the hex key not being correctly ins

Foiling Boards & Fliteboards

The FREEDOM+ Surf was designed for surfboards (surfing) however we often get the question can it be used on a foil board; the answer is yes and no. It is possible to fit the device to a foil board however the electrodes need to be in the water for th

BOAT Antenna on Seabed

Our boating product comes standard with a 4.4-meter antenna and has the option for another two different antenna lengths to suit the depth of the water at your specific location, these are 2.2-meters and 6.8-meters. The 6.8-meter is standard with the

12V DC & Solar Charging for FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7

Yes, this is possible, however there are some precautions to take. Any modifications are at the owner's own risk, Ocean Guardian are not responsible for any modifications.

Brown stains on your FREEDOM7

If your FREEDOM7 has brown stains on the electrodes, you may take the following steps. Please note that unlike the FREEDOM+ Surf, the brown stains on the FREEDOM7 electrodes won't have too much of an impact on product performance. Items needed:. This

Cleaning your FREEDOM7 electrodes

If your FREEDOM7 has brown stains on the electrodes you may take the following steps. Please note that unlike the FREEDOM+ Surf, the brown stains on the FREEDOM7 electrodes won't have too much of an impact on product performance. Items needed:. This

Corroded Switch on FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7

If the switch on your FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7 becomes corroded, this can be easily fixed by replacing it with a new one. A new switch can be purchased online via the below links.� AUS and NZ Customers.� USA & ROW Customers. Download the instructions for