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Service & Warranty Information - Dive and Surf Products

This page provides warranty information for the current range of Ocean Guardian Surf and Dive Series main products, including the eSPEAR, FREEDOM7 (version C), SCUBA7 (version C), and FREEDOM+ Surf (both sizes) and FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad Antenna (bot

Service & Warranty Information - BOAT01, BOAT02 & FISH01, FISH02

If your BOAT01 or BOAT02 or FISH01 or FISH02 has failed and is still under warranty (electronics one year from date of purchase), you can return it to Ocean Guardian to be exchanged for a warranty replacement unit (this does not include any accessori

Service & Warranty Information - Old / Obsolete Products

The SURF7 (blue case and clear case) were our original shark deterrent products for surfing. The SURF7 (clear case) was obsoleted in 2013 with the introduction of the SURF7 (blue case), which was then obsoleted in 2015 with the introduction of the FR

Warranty & Repair Form

Download the Ocean Guardian Warranty & Repair Form

Product Registration

Click here to register the warranty for your Ocean Guardian product.