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BOAT01 & FISH01 Antenna VersionsUpdated 8 months ago

This FAQ only applies to units shipped in August 2019, this does not effect these devices deterrent performance. 

In the first shipments of the BOAT01 and FISH01 both the 2.2m and 4.4m antennas had a different pin configuration to later shipments. This does not apply to the 6.8m antenna.

If you have one of these new units and your power module or antenna has been replaced, there be a compatibility issue resulting in the device not working, as indicated by four flashing green LED when the antenna is submerged, or a fault red LED. To confirm which antenna, please see the test below using a multi meter. 

If you have an "A" version of the antenna, please contact Ocean Guardian for a free upgrade to the "B" version of both the antenna and power module.

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