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BOAT01, BOAT02 & FISH01 and FISH02 Charging Cable and AC / DC ConverterUpdated a year ago

For ease of use the BOAT01, BOAT02 & FISH01 and FISH02 power modules ship standard with a charging cable with a cigarette lighter plug attached. The power module can be charged using either 12V DC or 24V DC.  

If you would like to remove the cigarette lighter plug and hardwire direct to a battery using alligator clips or alternative connection to the 12V DC or 24V DC source, the pin polarity is shown below. The device has overvoltage and short circuitry internally, however please observe the correct polarity as noted below.  

If you wish to use either 110V AC or 220V AC you will need to purchase a AC to DC converter which are common and available online from your boating chandlery supplier or Amazon. Ideally seek one that has international AC adaptors or suit your location, and a minimum of 5A is recommended.  An example of a suitable AC to DC converter is here

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