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Can I replace the battery or repair in my Ocean Guardian device?Updated a year ago

Customers can not repair or change the lithium battery in any of the Ocean Guardian devices because all products are designed for underwater operation at depth. 

All devices are waterproof sealed units, for example the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 have been sealed with specific torque wrenches and O-rings seals, which if opened have to be replaced and the device pressure tested. 

The BOAT01 and BOAT02 and FISH01 and FISH02 have been designed to be serviced at Ocean Guardian or authorized service centers. However as with the above devices special tools and torque wrenches are required including O-rings. Under no circumstances should the devices be opened by customers in the field and doing so will void warranty.

The FREEDOM+ Surf is an ultrasonic welded unit so cannot be opened and the eSPEAR is fully potted with sealant, there is no way to open these devices without destroying them. 

Our products come with a full 12 Month Warranty, and for any failure outside warranty we have an affordable Factory Refurbishment program. 

If you have an older model device such as DIVE01, FREEDOM4 or clear case FREEDOM7, batteries for these devices are no longer available. For example, the newer blue case FREEDOM7 case shape and battery design does not fit in the FREEDOM7 clear case unit which was last manufactured in 2013.

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