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Can I use an Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) on a body board or boogie board?Updated 10 months ago

The existing product range has not been designed for this sport, both the FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7 are primarily designed for diving, with the FREEDOM7 used also for kayaking and swimming. We have heard of people using the FREEDOM7 for body boarding, however we would not recommended it due to the long trailing antenna getting in the way and creating drag.

The FREEDOM+ Surf adhesive decal antenna is too long to be used on a bodyboard, and the tail pad / deck housing would also be in the way. A secondary factor is the size of the electrical field generated being too large for such a small surface area like a boogie board. Even if the antenna was shortened, the powerful electrical field would come around the rails and interfere with the enjoyment of the sport - you'll be constantly getting zapped!

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