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Can we guarantee the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) turns sharks away?Updated a year ago

Ocean Guardian, Powered by Shark Shield technology, is the world's most scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, and the evidence from 20 years of research has shown that Ocean Guardian is proven to turn sharks away. 

Ocean Guardian has been extensively tested by independent science organizations and universities, and consistently proven to be effective at deterring sharks. Our over twenty years of science-based research and testing is supported by hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from users, stating how their lives have been saved by Shark Shield technology. 

It must be noted that sharks are unpredictable animals, as such, it is impossible to guarantee that all sharks will be turned away under all circumstances. For example, a shark's Ampulle of Lorenzini may be damaged and thus less affected. 

Ocean Guardian is a safety device designed to reduce risk, and thus should be considered the same as other safety devices which reduce risk, such as airbags and seat belts in in motor vehicles, which have also been proven to save many lives, but it cannot be claimed that air bags save lives 100% of the time. 

With or without the protection of an Ocean Guardian, all sharks should be treated with respect and caution. Water sport participation in the presence of sharks is inherently dangerous. Any human activity in the water near sharks must always be considered as possessing a considerable degree of risk. Like any piece of electronic equipment, your Ocean Guardian will not work effectively if not used in the correct manner or if the unit is not maintained correctly. The product instruction manual provided with the unit must be read thoroughly prior to using your Ocean Guardian.

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