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Does Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) offer sponsorship or testing assistance?Updated a year ago

As the world's only scientifically tested and independently proven electronic shark deterrent, we receive a large number of requests for sponsorship annually, along with organisations / individuals offering to further test our products effectiveness.

Unfortunately, as a small company we are unable to fully support each request, however, we do try to accommodate supporting as many charitable events as we can. From a testing perspective, Ocean Guardian has been independently tested by many universities around the world with a number of peer reviewed research papers published.

We have two possible options for charitable sponsorship or testing: 

1) Ocean Guardian will loan you a unit for the time of your event after which you return back to Ocean Guardian.

2) We can allow you to purchase an Ocean Guardian at a considerable discount. 

In both cases we would ask in return for a proposal which outlines how the use of the unit will benefit the broader community in education and awareness of Ocean Guardian's proven technology. This may be through social media, press or other.

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