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How do you know that the new FREEDOM+ Surf is as effective as the existing proven Ocean Guardian products?Updated a year ago

Ocean Guardian has been building electrical shark deterrents for nearly twenty years, which means we have a lot of technical knowledge and historical testing data from which to leverage product design. 

Ocean Guardian conducted testing on prototypes of the FREEDOM+ Surf on Great White Sharks at the Neptune Islands in South Australia, in May 2016. Seven separate male and female White Sharks appeared during the day displaying medium to high levels of intensity / aggression / interest towards the baits been drawn. Sharks ranged in size from approximately two meters to over four meters. 

Approximately forty interactions with the sharks occurred during the day over a five-hour period, 50%-60% of the time an active float (FREEDOM+ Surf ON) was deployed. With an active float deployed, no physical shark contact was visibly made with the active float. During the time that a control float was deployed (FREEDOM+ Surf OFF), there was physical shark contact made with the control float, approximately five to eight times. 

The power output is the same on the FREEDOM+ Surf as our existing proven and independently tested products, the FREEDOM7 & SURF7. However, the effective electrical field of the FREEDOM+ Surf is smaller than the FREEDOM7 & SURF7 because the decal adhesive antenna sits towards the surface, under the surfboard, and the electrode surface area is smaller with the electrodes physically closer together than the FREEDOM7.

The size of the downward facing electrical field is the same and has been validated with in water testing taking physical measurements of the volts / meter to compare to the FREEDOM7. Note that the FREEDOM7 & SURF7 antennas are completely submerged which enables a full three- dimensional electrical field to form. 

We have balanced a small reduction in electrical field size on the FREEDOM+ Surf against the need for a new innovative ergonomic design to remove any impact on surfing performance. Our solution enables more people to enjoy their ocean adventures.

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