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If I am wearing an Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield), but my buddy/mate is not, is he/she more prone to attack?Updated a year ago

Ocean Guardian - Powered by Shark Shield Technology - is a personal safety product designed to reduce risk, the same as a seat belt or bike helmet. Anyone not wearing an Ocean Guardian device in the ocean is naturally at more risk than somebody who is wearing a unit. 

It has been scientifically proven that Ocean Guardian products do not attract sharks, please see our FAQ on this here, so the fact that one person is wearing a unit does not mean that those around him/her are placed at greater risk than if nobody in the group was wearing a unit. 

Your risk of an unwanted shark encounter is reduced because you are using a safety product designed to reduce risk. It would be a fair assumption to state that the more people wearing an Ocean Guardian device, the larger the probability that a shark will be deterred from the group.

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