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My FREEDOM+ Surf electrodes have brown stains on them?Updated 2 years ago

The FREEDOM+ Surf electrodes are made from the highest marine grade stainless steel known as 316L, there is no other known stainless steel material more resistance to salt water and electrolysis than 316L.

The brown staining or "tea staining" is in part a result of electrolysis, there is no way to prevent this occurring and it will occur during each surf session. This tea staining occurs more with the FREEDOM+ because the stainless steel is a solid flat piece.

This staining left unaddressed could affect the performance, so you should clean the stainless steel after every surf to also prevent this damaging the plastic surround, ideally clean it with the Chux Magic Eraser or you can use a mixture of Sodium bicarbonate, both are a cheap non chemical based domestic cleaning products. Follow the directions on the Chux packet or for bicarb simply create a paste and using a soft sponge, rub the electrode surface and you'll find the tea stain will come off relatively easily. 

Do not use any abrasive scrubbers or chemicals on the decal antenna as you will damage it.

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