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On which part of the body is the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) worn?Updated a year ago

It depends on which unit you use.  

FREEDOM7 - is attached to the ankle via a neoprene pouch with velcro attachments. Both electrodes are encased in the 2-meter-long antenna.  

SCUBA7 - the main housing of the unit can be worn on the thigh (a strap is provided), in a BC pocket, or attached to the front of the BC via a BC strap or D ring. The antenna electrode is worn on the ankle, with the antenna protruding out the front, so that it rests on the fin. The pad electrode is secured to the back of the scuba cylinder via the BC securing strap (cam band).  

FREEDOM+ Surf - the removable power generator is located in the tail pad, and the electrodes in a decal antenna on the bottom of the surfboard. The unit is not worn by the user, it is attached to the surfboard.

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