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Service & Warranty Information - Dive and Surf ProductsUpdated 2 months ago

This page provides warranty information for the current range of Ocean Guardian Surf and Dive Series main products, including the eSPEAR, FREEDOM7 (version C), SCUBA7 (version C), and FREEDOM+ Surf (both sizes) and FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad Antenna (both sizes). 

The FREEDOM7 (version C) and SCUBA7 (version C) have the electronics housed in a blue case. If the electronics are housed in a clear case or are a blue case Version B, then you have an older obsolete product and service and warranty information can be found here


If your eSPEAR, FREEDOM7 (version C), SCUBA7 (version C) or FREEDOM+ Surf (Power Module only), has failed and is still under warranty (electronics one year from date of purchase), you can return it to Ocean Guardian to be exchanged for a warranty replacement unit (this does not include any accessories). If the product is deemed to be under warranty, we will pay the return freight for you. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Please note that not all retailers are able to offer a warranty replacement service as this is nearly always handled directly by Ocean Guardian.

Please take a minute to read the information below to determine if your issue is covered under the Ocean Guardian warranty.

Click here to read the Ocean Guardian Standard Warranty.


Ocean Guardian will replace your product or part free of charge if your product or part has a manufacturing defect that is covered by the Ocean Guardian Standard Warranty

  1. BEFORE sending anything to Ocean Guardian, please check our FAQs here. You may be able to solve the problem quickly using the FAQs

  2. Complete and print our Warranty & Repair Form, and return it with the product and your original receipt to Ocean Guardian.

  3. Please include your original receipt and a clearly written explanation of the problem.

  4. Write your contact details on the outside of the box and send to the appropriate address based on your specific location:

Ocean Guardian
Factory 1. 6A Prosperity Parade
Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9979 1748


Outside of Warranty: 

We want you back in the water as quickly as possible, so if your FREEDOM7 (version C), SCUBA7 (version C) or FREEDOM+ Surf (Power Module only), is outside it's warranty period, we offer a Factory Refurbishment Program where you can return your old faulty or damaged unit in exchange for a new or as new factory refurbished unit for a reduced price. The price is dependent on your region and excludes shipping costs. Replacement units all come with a 12-month warranty.

Replacement unit pricing is 50% off RRP.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase a replacement unit. 

If you have any questions, or if you’re having any trouble getting your Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) product replaced please contact us.

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