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What information do I need to ship Lithium batteries used in Ocean Guardian Products?Updated a year ago

When shipping Lithium Metal batteries, the lithium metal content of the cell or battery dictates which part of the relevant Packing Instruction are used to pack the item.      

With Lithium Ion batteries, it is the Watt/Hour rating, which dictates which part of the Packing Instruction we use. Each battery cell is 2000mAh x 3.7 V = 7.4 Wh. This would indicate shipping under Section II of Packing Instruction 967 (copy attached). The net weight of the battery cell is 39.5 grams. 

Your device user manual has how many cells in the device; the FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7 (GU1000C & DU1000C) has 2 cells, FREEDOM+ Surf has 2 cells, eSPEAR has one cell and the BOAT01/FISH01 power module has 6 cells. Battery manufacturer certification and approvals for these battery packs are attached. 

SANYO UL list-20150302.pdf265.2KB

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