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What is an eSPEAR?Updated a year ago

Ocean Guardian's new eSPEAR is the world's first handheld electrical shark deterrent.

The eSPEAR has been designed specifically for spearfishermen who are very aware of their surroundings and are often required to deter sharks from taking their hard-earned catch. The eSPEAR is worn through either clipping a carabiner to your dive belt or by purchasing the optional holster.

Once deployed the eSPEAR automatically turns on, there are no switches to fumble with. Once the trigger is pulled the device opens, powered by strong stainless-steel springs, once fully open the eSPEAR is on. To turn the eSPEAR off and reload you must hold it fully out of the water, this will deactivate the electrical field and enable you to reload. Alternatively, you can fold the device using an insulated glove or fold onto your wetsuit which will insulate you from the electrical field.

The eSPEAR is only active when fully deployed, it is not an active shark deterrent when not deployed. If you desire a fully active shark deterrent when diving, we recommend the FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7.

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