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What is the difference between the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7?Updated a year ago

The FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 are both powered by Shark Shield Technology and produce the same protective electrical field in both strength and size. The main difference between the FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7 are the fitting options and how you wear them. There are other minor product differences such as the FREEDOM7 (C version) having a battery life indication, other than this both products operate identically. 

The FREEDOM7 is by far the most popular product because it's so easy to put on and take off. It has a power module that is housed in a Velcro ankle strap. Also attached to the strap is a 2m flexible antenna that contains two electrodes at each end. The antenna trails behind the user and creates the electrical field. The whole set up looks a little like a leg rope/leash that surfers wear. Spearfishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayak fishing, and open water swimming are the common uses of the FREEDOM7. 

The SCUBA7 is a little fiddlier to get on and off but is perfect for scuba divers concerned about the trailing antenna of the FREEDOM7. It features an oval shaped electrode plate that mounts on the scuba tank, a power module worn in a strap on the thigh and another short electrode antenna worn on the ankle. The SCUBA7 is often used for scientific diving, by people diving deep into caves and in police/military diving operations.

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