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What types of sharks does the Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) deter?Updated 7 months ago

Extensive testing has been done on all the main shark species responsible for the vast majority of human and shark interactions, and all sharks tested have been repelled by Ocean Guardian products. These include Great Whites, Tigers, Zambezi (Bull), Mako, Oceanic and Hammerhead sharks.

The bulk of the independent scientific research on Shark Shield over the past twenty years has been conducted on White Sharks in both South Africa and South Australia. In all these tests Ocean Guardian was proven effective in deterring White Sharks, you can view this research here

Some sharks, in particular the bottom feeders, including Woobygong, Carpet and Port Jackson sharks, have their Ampullae of Lorenzini located under their snouts and as such have a diminished response to the Ocean Guardian wave form. 

A small number of sharks such as the Seven Gill and Grey Nurse shark have a diminished Ampullae so are less affected. The sharks that fall into these categories are, in general, not considered dangerous to humans.

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