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Which device can I use with a hooka or airline for diving?Updated 8 months ago

Many divers use an airline or hooka, particularly for commercial operations where it might more difficult to wear one of our personal shark deterrents. Another option to consider in this situation is shown in the pictures below.  

The pictures here show how one of our customers has used the FREEDOM7 setup to the airline and has used this configuration successfully for many years.

The tail end of the Ocean Guardian device is at the unit hose end, with the power module closer to the diver where it can be turned on or off. The device is supported by the floats as shown, with the aerial floats behind and above the diver, so never in the way.

Whilst the protective electrical field is not surrounding the user as it is designed, the electrical field is positioned above the diver, assuming the diver is working on the sea bed. Not how our devices were intended to be used, however certainly better than no protection at all.

Both the FREEDOM7 and for a longer airline the FISH01 (or new FISH02) could be considered.

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