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World's most effective shark deterrent proven by French Government ResearchUpdated a year ago

Ocean Guardian's Shark Shield Technology proven again as the world's most effective shark deterrent by French Government Research. 

Following the success of the West Australian Government's Shark Deterrent Rebate program and several independent studies proving the effectiveness of Ocean Guardian's Shark Shield Technology to deter sharks, the French Government has released new research conducted in Reunion Island. The research affirms Ocean Guardian has the best deterrent technology available on the market worldwide, proving efficacy on white sharks. 

The research findings from the French Government present Ocean Guardian as the front-runner in technology offerings currently on the market and also suggests that other technology being marketed as "shark deterrents" may not actually work and will not protect humans from shark bites as effectively as Shark Shield Technology. 

The French Government tested and researched a range of products, including ESharkForce, No Shark, RPELA and Ocean Guardian's FREEDOM7, FREEDOM+ Surf and SCUBA7. 

Key findings from the latest research conducted by the French Government: 

  • Ocean Guardian's Shark Shield Technology demonstrates efficacy on the white shark*. 
  • No safety product can be effective at 100% (seat belts, airbags, life jackets) however, Ocean Guardian's FREEDOM+ Surf devices clearly produce the strongest electrical field. At 1m from the centre of the electrodes, the electrical field of the other devices reach only 36% (RPela) and 18% (NoShark) of the electrical field intensity of Shark Shield Technology*. 
  • Other devices (excluding Ocean Guardian) all have more or less long "dead times" during which there is no electric field in the water between the pulses*.
  • This research indicates that the presence of an activated RPELA-v1 has no significant effect on the number of bait interactions and bites compared to a non-existent RPELA-v1*.

Download the paper here.

*Research results of experimental tests on personal protective devices with electric shark deterrents by the French Government.

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