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12V DC & Solar Charging for FREEDOM7 & SCUBA7Updated a year ago

Yes, this is possible, however there are some precautions to take.

  • This is the recommended way to charge: if you have battery pack, then connect a 220 Volt inverter top battery pack and charge the Freedom7 as per normal.
  • Or if you have a battery pack and this has 12V DC cigarette output, you will need to modify the standard charger setup (at owner's own risk) cut the 220V power adapter off and wire in a cigarette lighter plug as shown below, make sure the plug has a 1 Amp fuse fitted. 
  • Note: do not connect the Freedom7 directly to a solar panel, as the solar panel open circuit output voltage is in excess of 20VDC, this high voltage will damage the Freedom 7. If you wanted to use solar panel, then you would need to buy a 12v solar panel regulator 

Any modifications are at the owner's own risk, Ocean Guardian are not responsible for any modifications. 

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