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BOAT Antenna on SeabedUpdated a year ago

Our boating product comes standard with a 4.4-meter antenna and has the option for another two different antenna lengths to suit the depth of the water at your specific location, these are 2.2-meters and 6.8-meters. The 6.8-meter is standard with the fishing device. 

Ideally you do not want the antenna dragging on the seabed as this will eventually damage the braid covering as it moves around with the current etc. Having only a small part of the antenna on the seabed will generally not affect the performance, it does not act like an earthing, of course if the whole of the bottom electrode is on the seabed, then it can affect the protective field size.

If you are in an area where the water depth is such that the bottom antenna electrode (stainless steel braid) is resting on the seabed, the best solution is to use a cable tie and lift / scrunch the antenna up towards the buoy.

Ocean Guardian devices work by creating an electrical field between two electrodes, the closer the electrodes are together the smaller the electrical field. This means when you lift the bottom electrode off the seabed towards the top electrode, the electrical field may be slightly reduced, however still effective as a deterrent. What you do not want is the two electrodes so close they are touching as this will cause the device to turn off as a short circuit protection. 

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