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Can I use the FREEDOM+ Surf on a performance surf board?Updated a year ago

Yes, you most certainly can! The FREEDOM+ Surf system has been designed for all levels of surfing and surfers! 

If your board is under 6'6" we recommend using the FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD (and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD). 

If your board is 6'6" or over, we recommend using the FREEDOM+ Surf (and Tail Pad / Antenna) as it offers the most protection with the largest electrical field. 

When used on shorter boards (boards <6'6") and boards with less volume, the electrical field produced by the FREEDOM+ Surf can "travel" around the board making it uncomfortable for some surfers - e.g. you might feel the electrical field on your fingers whilst duck-diving. 

To overcome this, we've designed the FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD (and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD) that features a shorter Antenna and smaller Electrodes to produce a smaller electrical field that you're less likely to feel when using the product on a board under 6'6". 

Both products produce exactly the same power output, but a smaller electrical field does mean that a shark can come closer (compared to the FREEDOM+ Surf & Tail Pad / Antenna) before sensing the electrical field and being deterred. 

Click here to compare the size of the electrical field generated by both products. 

Click here to see Tom Carroll using Ocean Guardian's Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD on a 5'7" board to give you an idea of the size of it. 

NOTE: It is only the Antenna and Electrode components that are different on each product. The Tail Pad is exactly the same for each product and both use the same FREEDOM+ Surf Transferable Power Module which is housed in the kicker of the Tail Pad.

The removable power model weighs only 250 grams, and the deck housing, flexible cable and thin stainless-steel electrodes weight another 220 grams. The average performance board weighs between 2 to 3 kg which means you may be increasing the weight of the board by up to 15%. Note this additional weight in heavier waves is actually very desirable, for example in waves like South Western Australia, South Africa and Hawaii a little bit of weight is a good thing. The sticker thin decal antenna will have zero impact on your surfing performance. 

Please also note, it is well documented that children are possibly more sensitive to radiation in some or all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and in particular during formative years. As a result, it is always considered a precautionary measure to keep children away from all electromagnetic radiation, including mobile phones, etc. This also applies to pregnant women. Children under the age of 14 should not use Ocean Guardian products.

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