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FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7 won't charge, what charger version do I need?Updated a year ago

In 2017 we introduced the new "C" versions of the FREEDOM7 and SCUBA7 which use a new 12V DC charger. You can tell if your unit is a "C" version with the part number being either a GU1000C or DU1000C. The original devices, both "A" and "B" versions use an 18V DC charger.

The 18V charger will charge the new "C" version devices, however the new "C" version 12V charger will not charge the older "A" and "B" devices, these require the original 18V charger.

If you are replacing your charger or ordering a spare, please use the following information:

GU1000A/B or DU1000A/B requires an 18V charger, part number SU1614A. 

GU1000C or DU1000C requires a 12V charger, part number SU1614C.

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