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Who can use Ocean Guardian (Shark Shield) products ?Updated a year ago

Powered by Shark Shield Technology, Ocean Guardian shark deterrent devices can be used for a wide variety of ocean activities. 

FREEDOM7- spearfishing, scuba diving, freediving, kayak fishing, open water swimming*. 

SCUBA7 - scuba diving - particularly military, scientific and high-performance sports divers. 

eSPEAR - freediving, spearfishing and snorkelling. 

FREEDOM+ Surf - surfing (specifically on boards sized 6'6" and over) & SUP 

FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD - surfing (specifically boards sized under 6'6") 

BOAT01 - protection for people swimming off boats, jetties and pontoons. 

FISH01 - protecting your catch when fishing off a stationary boat. 

*Please note that although the FREEDOM7 can be used for open water swimming, it was not specifically designed for it and as a result the continued kicking associated with open water swimming may wear out the parts faster than when it is used for freediving or scuba diving.

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